Democratising Nutrition Knowledge and Practices through Technology Solutions.

About Us

The Nutrition Alchemy™ is a Nutri-Tech firm that works in the space of Food & Nutrition, Consumer Health and Digital Technology.

It is our belief that good nutrition knowledge and practices must be democratised through technology solutions and positively impact the health of our communities.

We are inspired by the vision of a healthier India, where citizens are empowered to make informed and mindful choices of what they eat, to keep themselves emotionally and physically healthy, with less dependence on curative interventions.


About LabelBlind™

Helping consumers make Smart Food Choices by S-i-m-p-l-i-f-y-i-n-g Nutrition Information on Food Labels

This digital solution simplifies complex information declared on food labels for consumers to comprehend the nutrition value of food products, and apply the understanding to their daily choice of food.

The LabelBlind™ app deconstructs the nutrition value of over 4000 packaged food labels, QSR menus and home recipes. It reviews and rates food labels, menus and recipes and provides a platform to users to share their views and opinion about.    


We share regular updates about right nutrition. Check out the latest articles below.

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