How food brands can ensure customers that they care?

Consumers today are losing their appetite for unhealthy food, and they’re letting their wallets do the talking. It’s one of the reasons why well-established goods brands are losing billions. Today consumers are moving away from Big Food towards smaller brands that offer healthier options, simpler ingredients and greater transparency in nutrition and packaging.

Food Brands need to understand that consumers are seeking authentic & genuine food experiences. Consumers are skeptical of the ability of large, long-established food companies to deliver the same. 

Brands can adopt different tactics in order to build a more health-conscious image. There are some big brands that have adopted these tactics.

Let me share some of the tactics here:

1. Removing artificial ingredients

You can remove ingredients that directly/indirectly affect consumer’s health. This will make you win your customers’ hearts for sure.

For example, 

# Taco Bell has announced to remove artificial flavor and coloring from its menu. 

# The Mexican-style chain has announced to remove the artificial dye from its nacho cheese, artificial black pepper from its seasoned beef and unsustainable palm oil from its food

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2. Expanding product lines

Today, consumers are taking their health seriously and more inclined toward healthier food varieties. Brands should Expand their product according to consumer’s preferences.

For example,

Hershey has announced its healthier offerings to its product line, focusing on simpler ingredients. 

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The company will sell products like Brookside Fruit & Nut Bars, a snack bar with natural ingredients like real fruit, whole roasted almonds and rolled oats.

3. Giving priority shelf space to healthier foods

Retailers are also eager to project a healthier image. They started promoting healthier options in their stores. By doing this, they are not only showing their concern towards their customers but also earning their trust which leads to having loyal customers.

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Showing an image of a health-conscious brand is a no-brain for many retailers and food and beverage manufacturers today—especially given the evolving perceptions and expectations of Millennials and Gen Z consumers. 

But Companies need to understand what constitutes “healthy” for today’s consumers. For that companies need to gain deep immersive insight into consumer preferences so they can quickly anticipate and adapt to the rapidly engaging marketplace.

At Label blind, we conduct surveys that tell us more about consumer preferences which help Food Brands strategize customer engagement initiatives.

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