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Simplest Way to Count your Sugar to ensure Weight Loss

I met a very dear friend after 7 years. The last that I remember of her as she had just given birth to her second child. There she was, without a career, plump and overweight, age catching up, a few grey streaks making their presence felt, sentenced to a routine that had pushed her to the periphery of her own life. Ironically, she was applauded in the family for what she was doing. In her own heart, she knew that she was letting herself down. She was beginning to accept that this was her forever. A state of inequality had crept in.

Now, 7 years later, I meet her. What do you think happened to her in the last 7 years?

She looks great! Spring in her step, a glint in her eyes, in her late 30s, she looks happier than ever before. I couldn’t stop myself any longer. I had to know her secrets.

What happened to transform her from flab to fab?

I will share 4 Tips that will help you control weight and claim back equality as the lady did for herself.

But before that I want you to remember a magic number. 2400-67-50.

Let me explain the smallest number – 50.

Less than 50 gms, friends, is the daily recommended allowance of sugar for an average human body to stay healthy for long.

Why do we need to remember this number?

First: Sugar boosts levels of dopamine in the brain. The more sugar you eat, the more you want to have. In simple terms, sugar is an addiction. 10 times more addictive than cocaine.

Second: Excess sugar leads to craving and more food consumption beyond satiety levels. Sugar is a carbohydrate which will eventually turn into fat in the body if eaten in excess.

Third: Refined sugar is rapidly absorbed in your bloodstreams, causing a spike in blood sugar levels. In response, the pancreas releases more insulin.

2 things could happen as a result;

  1. The pancreas cannot produce enough insulin – thus leading to blood sugar levels rise
  2. The pancreas is constantly producing insulin, but the body is resistant to the insulin – again leading to an increase in the blood sugar level.

This is how diabetes sets in over time.

Look at a typical morning:

  • 1 cup of tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar. 10 gms of sugar
  • 2 glucose biscuits: 6 grams of sugar
  • 1 bowl of honey flavored cornflake with milk. 20 gms of sugar
  • 2 slices of bread. 6 gms of sugar
  • Jam with it. 2 teaspoons. 6 gms
  • 1 glass mango juice. 22 gms.
  • That’s 70 gms added sugar. And the day has just begun!

What was your daily limit? Less than 50 gms daily.

My friend learned this early and got a grip on her weight and happiness. Your turn now to follow the 3 tricks:

Trick 1

Watch the intake of sugar and contain the intake of added sugar to 24 grams per day. LabelBlind™ will help you know the nutrition value of your food so you can make aware choices, for yourself and your family. Especially when you have children at home.

Trick 2

Replace processed sugar with natural forms. Jaggery. Honey. Coconut sugar.

Trick 3

Consume COMPLEX carbohydrates. High in fiber and take time to digest in the stomach. Won’t dissolve easily into the bloodstreams. Indian millets, whole grains, whole fruits, pulses, and legumes.

Trick 4

Drink water before meals and reduce calorie consumption. Sip water to burn calorie and lose weight.

So you have 4 sure shot tricks to control your weight and stay cheerfully healthy. Ensure that you follow these tricks in your family. Get your kids used to these tricks early in their lives. And you will start seeing the difference in how your body responds.

LabelBlind™ help consumers make smart food choices by s-i-m-p-l-i-f-y-i-n-g nutrition information on food labels. Follow us, like, share this post and visit for amazing information on the food that you consume.



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